Our Design

We think through every step of our design process in great detail. From the natural and sustainable materials we use to how we develop and create our styles and prints. All along, we never lose focus on how people will wear or use our pieces.

Ethical Design

People, not machines bring our collections to life. From our designers  to the skilled makers in our Studios. We celebrate traditional artisan skills and their knowledge of using natural fabrics and techniques. Every product of ours tells a story that has been told for generations, a treasure trove of rich traditions and exemplary craftmanship. Everything we create embraces the concept of slow fashion.  Our clothes are made with the greatest consideration for people and the planet.

Action Oriented

At Bohemia, we make every decision with the greatest respect for people and the planet.  We’ll always  follow our instincts that small steps lead to greater change for good. Nature and people are integral parts of who we are. Our actions and business practice will always protect them.